Lawsuit Motivates Insurance Company to Cover Medical Expenses

Driving to work one morning in Portland, Oregon, our client was hit by another driver who failed to yield when making a left turn. Auto Accident Lawyers Portland | Auto Accident Attorney Portland | Portland Injury Lawyers | Oregon Her injuries sustained during the accident required immediate and ongoing medical attention, including routine physical therapy and follow-up doctor’s visits. With so much medical care activity, it didn’t take long for her medical expenses to reach the thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, she had no health insurance, but she did have personal injury protection (PIP) as part of her Oregon car insurance, as all Oregon drivers do. PIP coverage obligates the insurer to pay reasonable and necessary medical expenses for one year or up to $15,000, whichever limit comes first.

Several months after her auto accident, her insurance company sent her to one of their doctors, who gave her a clean bill of health in spite of the fact that she was still seeing her own doctor and receiving medical care. After their doctor’s examination, the insurance company quit paying her medical bills. Our client was caught in a scary situation; she had no health insurance, and now her PIP had stopped paying her medical bills. Worried about her bills and her ability to get the care she needed to recover fully and frustrated by the insurance company, she made the decision to get help from an experienced Portland, Oregon auto accident injury attorney.

Immediately upon taking the case, I contacted the insurance company and tried to negotiate with them to start paying her medical expenses again. They refused. I didn’t stop there, though. I filed a lawsuit demanding that her medical bills be covered in accordance with Oregon’s PIP coverage law. Filing the lawsuit got their attention, and they realized they couldn’t ignore our client or her claim. They reversed their decision and paid all of her medical bills, as well as my attorney fees and the cost of filing the lawsuit.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and can’t get the coverage due to you from the insurance company, we can help resolve your claim. One of our expert Portland, Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys will be happy to discuss your Portland, Oregon Personal Injury case with you. Call us now: 888-700-4337

When Public Safety Turns into Personal Injury

Portland Accident Lawyer | Portland Accident Attorney – Portland Injury LawyersLast week, the US Justice Department’s civil rights division issued a report stating that Portland, Oregon police too often use “unnecessary or unreasonable force” on people with mental illness. The authors of the letter wrote, “We also found that PPB [Portland Police Bureau] employs practices that escalate the use of force where there were clear earlier junctures when the force could have been avoided or minimized.” They specifically cited a 2010 instance where officers repeated punched and used tasers on an individual with mental health issues – causing severe personal injuries.

The result of the Justice Department’s investigation hardly came as a surprise to many Oregonians, who are accustomed to hearing of the Portland Police Bureau’s rather physical and violent way of dealing with offenders of all types, mentally ill or not. In 2008, the PPB was involved in a lawsuit brought by a woman who had been beat up during a traffic stop. In 2009, three men who were beaten up and tased during another fight on St. Patricks’ Day were awarded $175,000 when the jury agreed that the Portland police had used excessive brutality in breaking up the fight. In 2010, they were sued by the family of college student Daniel Collins, who was beaten and tased during a fight he wasn’t a part of at a Portland nightclub. The case is going before a jury this year. In all of these cases – and the many others like them – officers of the public safety caused great personal injury to individuals.

Even worse, the police often use their guns in dealing with people. In these cases, the personal injuries can be even more serious, not to mention the emotional trauma that results from such a situation, for both the victim and his or her family. Just last week, a Portland man shot in the stomach during a police operation in north Portland filed a lawsuit against the Portland police officers who shot him in his front doorway, with his wife and children in the house behind him. He spent weeks in intensive care recovering from his gun-inflicted personal injury.

Most of us assume that the police exist to protect us and to keep our roads safe. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, as the Portland police department demonstrates. If you’ve sustained personal injuries in an encounter with the police, whether a physical beating or a gun injury, you can get help recovering your expenses for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering with the help of an experienced attorney. Call us, and we will refer you to an attorney who can help: 888-700-4337

Young Client Gets Excellent Settlement in Portland, Oregon Premises Liability Injury

A mother and her three-year old son, our client, had just arrived at a Portland, Oregon clothing store. He asked his mother if he could use the restroom. She was leading him to the restroom when he ran into a fire extinguisher. Portland Slip and Fall Lawyer, Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers Portland | Slip and Fall Attorney Portland | Portland Injury Lawyers | Oregon The flimsy wall hanger holding up the eighteen-pound extinguisher broke and the fire extinguisher fell on our client’s hand, nearly amputating his tiny fingers when it hit the ground.

Our client’s mother was understandably terrified by the accident, and she thought the store ought to cover her son’s medical expenses. But, when she tried to hold them responsible, they denied liability. They argued that the fire extinguisher was properly attached to the wall and that her son had been running around the store out of control. To add insult to injury, they told her she should have been watching him more closely. If the client’s mother had been terrified by the accident, now she was angry and frustrated with the store for denying her son’s claim in this premises liability accident. She contacted us, expert Portland, Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys, for help in settling the claim.

I immediately filed a lawsuit to move the case into litigation so we could oppose their denial. A fire safety expert confirmed that the fire extinguisher was not only not properly attached to the wall but was also in violation of Oregon’s fire code. After talking to the fire safety expert, I also deposed two former managers from the store who testified that the fire extinguisher had fallen before, and they had both thought it should have been mounted in a secure glass cabinet to avoid just such an accident as befell our client.

Faced with the evidence of the former manager’s testimonies and the fire safety expert’s opinion, the clothing store agreed to mediate the case. I was able to negotiate an excellent settlement for our client, sparing the already stressed family a jury trial. The money won in the settlement was placed in a trust for our client’s future medical care and college expenses.

With the help of an expert personal injury attorney, our client and his family were able to recover medical expenses and get the settlement they deserved. If you’re in a similiar situation, we can help. One of our expert Portland, Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys will be happy to discuss your Portland, Oregon Personal Injury case with you. Call us now: 888-700-4337

Lost Wages and Medical Bills Recovered in Portland, Oregon Auto Accident Case

During a routine sales call in Portland, Oregon, our client’s station wagon was rear-ended by another car, who had failed to slow enough for a light that had just turned green. Because our client was at a complete stop and the other car was going fast, it caused him to suffer severe injuries, including a neck injury that prohibited him from working. He got more bad news when he found out that his neck injury was permanent and would require regular, future medical care to manage his now chronic pain. Auto Accident Lawyers Portland | Auto Accident Attorney Portland | Portland Injury Lawyers | Oregon

Faced with a stack of growing medical bills and a diminishing stack of paycheck stubs, our client knew he needed help to recover his lost income and to pay his medical expenses. He called our experienced Portland, Oregon auto accident personal injury attorneys at the Portland, Oregon office of Dwyer Williams Potter for help.

Our client’s claim for his lost income was denied by the at-fault driver’s insurance company. As this was unacceptable, I filed a lawsuit, giving us the chance to argue our case in court. This was a good decision, as we won. This made the insurance company nervous, and they appealed the decision to go to a jury trial.

As the trial date drew nearer and nearer, I was able to increase my negotiating pressure on the insurance company. Finally, the insurance company admitted their mistake in denying the claim and offered our client a settlement for more than the arbitration award, which he accepted.

Ultimately, our client got a very fair settlement from the insurance company and had an experienced personal injury lawyer to walk him through the process of pursuing his claim. Even after the claim was settled, I have continued to work with him on his worker’s compensation to make sure that his future medical treatment is paid.

If you need help solving an auto accident injury problem, we can help. One of our expert Portland, Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys will be happy to discuss your Portland, Oregon Personal Injury case with you. Call us now: 888-700-4337


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