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Out of State Auto Accident Injury Victim Gets Settlement

Our client in this case was visiting Portland from another state.  As he was driving his truck, he came to an intersection downtown where he had a green light.  He was half way through the intersection when another motorist ran a red light, t-boning our client’s truck and injuring him.

Portland Oregon Auto Accident Attorneys Portland Oregon Auto Collision Lawyers Settlement Reached in T-Bone Accident at Portland Oregon IntersectionOur client received some medical treatment for his accident-related injuries while he was in Oregon, but decided to return to his home state before his injuries had healed and before they had been fully treated.  Due to the extent of his injuries, it took our client a week and a half to get home.  During his trip home, our client treated for his accident related injuries in several other states.  He was unsure how to handle his Oregon accident from his home state so, once he was home again, he called Dwyer Williams Potter LLP to represent him.  He knew that he needed the help of experienced Portland auto accident attorneys.

Once we had been retained to represent him, we located all of places where our client received treatment for his accident-related injuries and gathered his medical records and bills together.  We were able to discuss his case with him over the phone.  As soon as he completed his treatment, we sent out a demand package and began trying to resolve his case.

After several rounds of negotiations, the case settled for a fair value and our client was very happy with the result.

Client Injured in Car Accident Settles for Ten Times Initial Offer

Our client in this case was driving along the highway when another motorist attempted to cross the highway in his truck and collided with her. The impact of this collision was so forceful that our client’s new car was totaled. Our client did not believe her injuries to be serious, so directly following the accident she attempted to proceed with her normal activities as though she was not hurt. Because of this decision, when it came time for her to settle with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, that insurer made a low-ball offer, claiming that her physical injuries were minor and didn’t deserve compensation.

Our client called Dwyer Williams Potter to represent her in this Portland automobile accident case, knowing our firm’s reputation for success and tough negotiating in the Portland area. We pulled together and reviewed her pre-accident and post-accident medical records in order to confirm that her injuries were a direct result of the impact of this car accident, then we approached the insurance company to negotiate.

Faced with this medical evidence in favor of our client’s version of events, the insurer increased its offered to our client, but the sum on offer still wasn’t enough to make her whole. After consulting with our client and reviewing options, we decided to file a lawsuit on our client’s behalf. Not long into the discovery process, the insurer offered our client ten times its initial offer and we accepted. Needless to say, our client was thrilled with her final settlement and with her decision to call our experienced and dedicated Portland auto accident injury law firm.

Auto Accident Injury Victim Compensated Two Years Later

Our client in this case was the passenger in a car being driven by her spouse. The couple was stopped at a stoplight in downtown Portland, waiting for the traffic signal to change, when another motorist rear-ended their vehicle. Our client was injured as a result of the accident and sought immediate medical attention for her accident-related injuries.

After completing one year of treatment, our client was still experiencing pain associated with her accident-related injuries.  Two years after the accident, her physician-recommended treatment was still not completed.  Unsure of how to handle her claim, she approached the seasoned auto accident injury attorneys at Dwyer Williams Potter LLP and hired us to represent her.

We first filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client to preserve the statute of limitations, then we began conducting extensive discovery with the defendant insurance company’s attorney.  After our client has completed her treatment, we were able to settle the case with the at-fault driver’s insurance company for more than three times what they had offered our client prior to her hiring us.  Our client was thrilled with the settlement offer, and so were we.

Large Settlement for Portland Parking Lot Accident Victim

Dwyer Williams Potter Personal Injury Attorneys just settled a pedestrian injury claim without the need for costly and time-consuming litigation. The details of this accident are as follows…

Portland Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys | Portland Oregon Auto Accident Attorneys | Oregon Personal Injury Law Firm

Our client had just finished shopping at a Portland Oregon convenience store and was loading purchases into her car when she was suddenly pinned between the passenger-side door and the frame of her car. A second driver had been trying to pull into the adjacent parking spot when he accidentally hit our client’s car door, which crushed our client. The force of the impact left our client with injuries for which she sought immediate medical attention.

After our client completed treatment for her accident-related injuries, the compassionate, experienced Portland Oregon auto accident and pedestrian injury lawyers at Dwyer Williams Potter evaluated her claim. After several rounds of negotiations, the adverse insurance company made its final settlement offer. We felt that the offer was low because it barely covered our client’s accident-related medical expenses.

We next sent a series of carefully-crafted letters to the adverse insurance company and to the driver who hit our client. In these letters, we explained that if we were to file a lawsuit related to the accident and win at trial, then these entities would be responsible for paying our attorney fees in addition to our client’s medical bills and any other awards. The insurance company immediately retracted its first “final” offer and increased that settlement offer by 20 percent. Our client’s case settled quickly and smoothly, and our client was more than happy with the results.

Auto Accident Insurance Settlement Reached for Elderly Injured Driver

Dwyer Williams Potter Personal Injury Attorneys just finished negotiating a generous settlement on behalf of an elderly client who was seriously injured in a car collision in late 2011. This gentleman client was traveling in the left lane of a large boulevard, obeying all traffic laws, when another driver pulled directly into our client’s lane of traffic without checking for any oncoming traffic and hit him.  Our client’s car was totaled and he sustained immediate and serious injuries.  Police immediately responded to the scene and cited the adverse driver for a Failure to Yield When Entering a Roadway; there was no question of fault in this case.

Our client was taken to the closest hospital by ambulance directly from the scene of the crash.  X-rays, CT scans, and a physician’s examination revealed fractures to his chest and left arm, some of which required immediate surgery.  Per his doctor’s directions, our client continued treatment with a primary care provider after surgery.  For two months following the accident, it was difficult for him to move and he could only sleep in an upright chair.  He couldn’t perform mundane household duties and for one year he had to hire friends to clean his home and property.  Over time, as our client regained mobility, he also noticed pain in his lower back with sensations of pins and needles down his right leg.

Due to the seriousness of his injuries, our client’s accident-related medical bills reached almost $70,000.  His meager PIP limits of $15,000 were immediately paid to the hospital where he was treated, but that left our client uncertain who would pay his remaining medical bills.  The experienced personal injury legal team at Dwyer Williams Potter LLP explained our client’s PIP benefits to him, which included up to $30 per day in household assistance that he had never heard of before.

We contacted our client’s insurance provider and each medical provider that he had used in order to coordinate paying our client’s outstanding bills.  We also quickly obtained household assistance for our client since was eligible for it, thus reimbursing him for most of what he paid to his friends.  We were ultimately able to negotiate a reasonable settlement for our client that settled his accident-related expenses and that compensated him for the pain and suffering he had experienced.  Our client was happy to have chosen the experienced auto accident attorneys at Dwyer Williams Potter to settle this protracted and costly personal injury claim.


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