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Premises liability, sometimes known as “slip and fall” or “slip, trip and fall” refers to the duty of an owner or occupier of land to make his or her premises reasonably safe for others. Common premises liability cases often involve the presence of foreign substances on a floor (produce, liquid, dirt, etc.), an unsafe flooring condition (rotted wood, cracked sidewalks, hidden holes, etc.), or conditions not up to date with current legal standards (unlawfully low banisters, missing handrails, poorly constructed railings, etc.). An owner or occupier of land who fails to make his or her premises reasonably safe may be held accountable for any personal injuries suffered by individuals as a result of the unsafe condition.

Value of Your Slip & Fall Accident Settlement

In addition to medical bills and wage loss, your pain and suffering are major elements of your slip and fall claim. Physical injuries may have an impact on your ability to carry on with normal life. Pain may restrict your ability to do simple, everyday tasks. The result of a slip, trip and fall personal injury may also affect your ability to perform at work, drive a car, or participate in sports and hobbies, family life, and other personal activities. As well, you may lose income and job opportunities after finding you have suffered a permanent personal injury. You may also find yourself burdened with future medical expenses for ongoing treatment. The bottom line is that you are entitled to compensation for all of these losses, and our premises liability attorneys are determined to match the value of your case with the value of your loss.

What is Negligence/Fault?

The duty owed to an individual injured while on another person’s property does vary, as it depends on the individual’s reason for being on the property in the first place. For instance, if the individual is there to do business with the owner or occupier, that person is a “licensee,” and is owed a high duty of care. On the other end of the spectrum, if the individual is there without permission, he or she is then considered a “trespasser,” and is owed a low duty of care. To make the area of premises liability even more complicated, an individual’s status may change while on the premises, something which depends on several different factors.

Due to Oregon’s poorly written laws on the subject, it goes without saying that slip and fall cases are extremely difficult to navigate, especially without the expertise of slip and fall accident attorneys. Many slip and fall injury lawyers refuse to take such cases, and most insurance companies refuse to offer fair settlement for premises liability cases without the involvement of a slip and fall lawyer. The seasoned personal injury attorneys of Dwyer, Williams, Potter are capable of properly sorting out the status of the person injured, as well as the duty of the owner or occupier, thus ensuring just compensation for the person’s slip and fall accident.

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