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Injury Recovery in Reckless Portland Auto Accident

A Portland, Oregon, driver recently contacted Dwyer Williams Potter LLP for legal representation following a rear-end collision in which he sustained physical injuries that prevented him from being able to engage in productive work.  This man was a contractor by trade whose wrists were severely injured when he was struck from behind by another motorist while driving in downtown Portland.  At the moment of impact, our client braced himself against his steering wheel with wrists flexed.  This instinctive protective motion resulted in him jamming his wrists with so much force that he needed bilateral carpal tunnel surgery to correct his injuries.

Our client is a professional contractor who works with his hands for a living.  The injuries that he sustained in this rear-end collision were among the worst imaginable for someone in his profession.  Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that affects the median nerve in the wrist, which supplies feeling and movement to the hand’s various parts.  For a contractor, carpal tunnel syndrome can limit the types of jobs that one can take on as well as one’s pace of work and overall productivity.  Severe carpal tunnel syndrome, which is the condition that our client had as a direct result of this car accident, can render contracting work impossible because nerve damage is so extensive that some parts of the hand are immobile and others completely lack feeling.  In our client’s case, surgery was absolutely necessary in order for him to guarantee the future use of his hands.

Not surprisingly given the nature of his profession, his injuries, and the invasive surgery required to treat those injuries, our client was not able to work for an extended period of time following the collision.  Prior to approaching Dwyer Williams Potter LLP for expert car accident injury representation, our client’s insurance provider performed a review of the available medical records and determined that his carpal tunnel syndrome could not have been caused by the accident.  Based on this finding, the insurer refused to pay for our client’s medical treatment and for any lost income due to the injuries and surgery.  At this point, our client attempted to settle his liability claim with the at-fault driver, but he was only offered $1,500.  His unpaid medical expenses (consultations, treatment, and surgery) alone amounted to more than $15,000.  It was clear that he couldn’t accept such a small settlement, but he was not sure where to turn or what to do.  At this critical time, our client’s surgeon recognized that his patient needed the help of a professional car accident injury lawyer and directed him toward our law firm.

Once hired by our client, we immediately entered into negotiations with our client’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and liability carriers.  The liability carrier, emboldened by the PIP insurer’s refusal to pay for medical expenses, offered only a slightly higher settlement offer than the $1,500 our client was initially offered.  We initially lacked medical verification to prove that our client’s injuries were caused by the accident: causality was not written up in any of our client’s post-accident medical records.  After several conversations with our client’s surgeon, however, the doctor agreed to document how our client’s injuries were related to the collision.  When the liability carrier again offered to make a reasonable settlement offer to our client, we filed a lawsuit for medical costs and lost wages.

The liability carrier began to appreciate the strength of our case when presented with the legal filings including the physician report.   Wage loss was difficult to prove given our client’s self-employed status and the inconsistencies in income reflected on tax returns from one year to the next, but after several rounds of negotiations, the insurance provider offered $40,000 to settle the case.  Our client happily accepted this offer, which reimbursed him for his time loss and pain and suffering.  This offer also maintained our client’s right to pursue his PIP insurer for the unpaid medical bills.  We continue on with the PIP claim and are confident that we will get all of our client’s bills reimbursed soon.

When Public Safety Turns into Personal Injury

Portland Accident Lawyer | Portland Accident Attorney – Portland Injury LawyersLast week, the US Justice Department’s civil rights division issued a report stating that Portland, Oregon police too often use “unnecessary or unreasonable force” on people with mental illness. The authors of the letter wrote, “We also found that PPB [Portland Police Bureau] employs practices that escalate the use of force where there were clear earlier junctures when the force could have been avoided or minimized.” They specifically cited a 2010 instance where officers repeated punched and used tasers on an individual with mental health issues – causing severe personal injuries.

The result of the Justice Department’s investigation hardly came as a surprise to many Oregonians, who are accustomed to hearing of the Portland Police Bureau’s rather physical and violent way of dealing with offenders of all types, mentally ill or not. In 2008, the PPB was involved in a lawsuit brought by a woman who had been beat up during a traffic stop. In 2009, three men who were beaten up and tased during another fight on St. Patricks’ Day were awarded $175,000 when the jury agreed that the Portland police had used excessive brutality in breaking up the fight. In 2010, they were sued by the family of college student Daniel Collins, who was beaten and tased during a fight he wasn’t a part of at a Portland nightclub. The case is going before a jury this year. In all of these cases – and the many others like them – officers of the public safety caused great personal injury to individuals.

Even worse, the police often use their guns in dealing with people. In these cases, the personal injuries can be even more serious, not to mention the emotional trauma that results from such a situation, for both the victim and his or her family. Just last week, a Portland man shot in the stomach during a police operation in north Portland filed a lawsuit against the Portland police officers who shot him in his front doorway, with his wife and children in the house behind him. He spent weeks in intensive care recovering from his gun-inflicted personal injury.

Most of us assume that the police exist to protect us and to keep our roads safe. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, as the Portland police department demonstrates. If you’ve sustained personal injuries in an encounter with the police, whether a physical beating or a gun injury, you can get help recovering your expenses for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering with the help of an experienced attorney. Call us, and we will refer you to an attorney who can help: 888-700-4337

Traffic Jam Auto Accident Takes Express Lane to Settlement

Our client was driving in Portland, Oregon one day, and she was stopped in a long line of traffic – not an unusual situation for a Portland, Oregon driver to find herself in. Auto Accident Lawyers Portland | Auto Accident Attorney Portland | Portland Injury Lawyers | Oregon What happened next, though, was, if not exactly unusual, was at least not what our client expected. Another driver rear-ended her car, causing her to crash into the car stopped in front of her. She suffered a double impact and sustained multiple injuries, the most severe of which was to her back.

Several months before the Portland, Oregon car accident, she had back surgery. Now, after the accident, she found herself back in the doctor’s office, receiving more treatement for new back problems. When she filed a claim for her medical expenses, the insurance company turned it down, claiming that all of her injuries were pre-existing. Frustrated and dealing with significant accident-related medical expenses, she contacted the expert Portland auto accident lawyers at Dwyer Williams Potter.

Immediately after taking her case, I obtained copies of her accident-related medical records and her medical records from before the Portland, Oregon auto accident. After a thorough review of her current records and her medical history, I was able to use MRIs from her records to differentiate her accident-related injuries from her pre-existing ones. I was even able to demonstrate that the accident had actually made some of her pre-existing conditions worse.

My careful, detailed work paid off for our client when the insurance company, confronted by the evidence, was forced to offer a fair settlement to cover her medical expenses and property loss. Although cases involving complex medical history often require extensive litigation, this case is an example of how having an experienced Portland, Oregon auto accident lawyer on your side can help you get to settlement quicker.

If you’re facing a situation similar to this one, we can help. One of our expert Personal Injury Attorneys will be happy to discuss your Portland, Oregon Personal Injury case with you. Call us now: 888-700-4337


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